Florida State Football Player With World-Class Speed Walks In On Burglars, Chases One Down On Foot

Two Florida men have been arrested after a plan to allegedly burglarize a Florida State football player’s apartment backfired.

FSU cornerback Nick Waisome walked in on the two men in his apartment last month, according to police. Instead of fleeing the scene, Waisome decided to run them down, telling WCTV, “I figured they didn’t have a gun because if they did they would have shot me. When they started running I decided I wanted to get one person at least.”

Waisome runs a 4.5-second 40-yard dash (which is really fast).

He first tried to subdue one man, Mario Crawford, but he got away so Waisome chased after the other guy, Tavares Rumph.

Rumph was caught and arrested on the spot. Three weeks later, Waisome saw Crawford wearing his shorts at a gas station and called the police.

Police arrested Crawford and found thousands of dollars worth of computers and other items in his home.

The suspects:

The lesson: Don’t rob someone who can run a 4.5 40.

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