Why People Think The BCS Championship Game Will Be A Blowout

There has been very little buzz for this year’s BCS Championship game between Florida State and Auburn and as a result, there is very little demand for tickets to Monday night’s game. According to Darren Rovell of ESPN.com, there are nearly 1,000 tickets available on the secondary market at below face value.

One reason there is little interest in this game is that many believe it will be a blowout. According to pregame.com, the point spread for the game opened with Florida State favoured by 9.5 points. Since then, betting action has actually pushed the point spread up to 10.5 points.

Looking at the point differential for each team this season, it is easy to see why many think Florida State will win easily. While Auburn has won several close games, outscoring their opponents by 16.2 points per game, Florida State has consistently blown out their opponents outscoring them by 550 points (42.3 points per game). That is an immense advantage no matter which conferences the schools come from.

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