A Florida Resident's Disastrous Attempt To Raffle Off His Home

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Florida resident Miles Brannan had a great idea: raffle off his $3 million waterside condo, give some of the proceeds to charity, and downgrade his home. Everybody wins

All seemed to be going well… until he realised nowhere near enough tickets were sold.

Then, after all his efforts, a charity helping organise the raffle decided to just split the money made off the tickets 50/50. Ouch.

Sun Sentinel: A $3 million waterfront house with amenities like a home theatre won’t be raffled off after all.

The homeowner, Miles Brannan, was trying to unload it through the raffle drawing. The plan was for him to pay off the nearly $2 million he still owes on the house, give a chunk of the proceeds to charity, and still have enough left over to buy his family a condo. The Coral Ridge Country Club property also has marble floors and a 1,000-square-foot master suite, one of six bedrooms.

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