Founder of busted Florida massage parlor chain reportedly ran business promising access to Trump at Mar-a-Lago

Facebook/Cindy YangCindy Yang was the founder of the Florida massage parlor that was recently busted for allegedly selling sexual services to Patriots owner Robert Kraft.
  • Li “Cindy” Yang, the founder of the Florida massage parlor chain that was busted for alleged prostitution and sex-trafficking along with Patriots founder Robert Kraft, has reportedly been running a business that promises networking opportunities with President Donald Trump.
  • Her and her husband’s company, GY US Investments LLC, was reportedly created in 2017, according to Mother Jones.
  • According to archives of the company’s website reviewed by Business Insider, the company offered photo opportunities with President Trump and his family at Mar-a-Lago, along with other political networking opportunities.
  • Yang sold the chain 10 years ago, and was not charged in the bust. She has denied knowledge of any illegal activities.

Li “Cindy” Yang, the founder of the Florida massage parlor that was recently busted for allegedly selling sexual services to Patriots owner Robert Kraft, has been helping to run a business that promised access to President Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago, according to a report from Mother Jones.

Yang and her husband, Zubin Gong, reportedly started the company GY US Investments LLC in 2017. Archives of their since-deleted website go back to August 2018. On it, they described the company’s work as helping to “assist businesses in America to establish and expand their brand image in the modern Chinese marketplace.” Further down on the webpage, however, they described providing access to Trump and Mar-a-Lago.

Services they offered, according to an archived version of the website, included “Presidential Roundtable and Presidential Dinner,” “taking photos with the President,” various VIP activities at Trump Lake,” “the opportunity to interact with the president,” “White House and Capitol Hill Dinner,” “First Lady Charity Ball,” and “meet President Trump.”

The site also highlighted past events at Mar-a-Lago, including pictures of Yang with members of the Trump family, and previewed upcoming events that clients could presumably attend.

Future events reportedly included the “International Leaders Elite Forum,” which would supposedly feature leaders from around the world along with President Trump’s sister Elizabeth Trump Grau, and Mar-a-Lago’s infamously expensive annual New Year’s celebration. The site reportedly included pictures from the 2019 celebration that included Chinese executives posed with members of the Trump family.

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rump reportedly watched the Super Bowl with the founder of the Florida spa chain where Robert Kraft was charged with soliciting prostitution

Yang has become a large Republican political donor and has seemingly crafted a relationship with President Trump. According to a report from the Miami Herald, Yang posted a selfie with Trump on the night of the Super Bowl from Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach. According to Mother Jones, Yang and her family have donated $US42,000 to a Trump PAC and over $US16,000 to Trump’s presidential campaign.

Yang’s Facebook page was full of photos of her with President Trump, Trump family members, and other Republican politicians including Sarah Palin, according to Mother Jones.

Yang founded Jupiter Day Spa and the chain Tokyo Day Spas, which were part of the massive sex-trafficking and prostitution bust that swept up Patriots owner Robert Kraft, who is reportedly close with Trump, and Republican mega-donor John Child. Yang sold the chain 10 years ago, was not part of the bust and has denied any knowledge of illegal activity.

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