Police say a Florida man who wanted to ‘get rid of’ his Iraqi neighbours told authorities ‘Trump will handle it’ if he doesn’t

David Allen Boileau was arrested Tuesday, January 22, 2019. Police say he was trying to ‘get rid’ of his Iraqi neighbours. Courtesy of the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office
  • Police say a Florida man slipped into the home of his Iraqi neighbours on Tuesday and went through their mail.
  • He told officers afterward that the US needed to get rid of people of Middle Eastern descent, and that “Trump will handle it” if he doesn’t.
  • Though the suspect has been charged with burglary, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office told INSIDER they have also requested that prosecutors add a hate-crime enhancement to the charge.
  • A spokesman said Boileau “possibly tampered with the victim’s mail,” which would be another federal offence if proven in court.

A Florida man who police say broke into his Iraqi neighbours’ home and rifled through their mail told officers that if he didn’t get rid of the Middle Easterners in the US, President Donald Trump would.

Authorities arrested David Allen Boileau, 58, as he was walking back home from the alleged burglary on Tuesday. According to a police report, Boileau said he slipped into his neighbours’ home through an unsecured gate, then an unlocked door, before opening their mailbox and discovering immigration paperwork.

The home belongs to an Iraqi mother and her four children, who have lived in the neighbourhood for at least three years – even longer than Boileau, police said.

Though none of them were home when Boileau allegedly entered, another neighbour saw him and confronted him, threatening to call the police.

The police report said Boileau made several statements about his “dislike for people of Middle Eastern descent” both before and after police had read him his Miranda Rights. He also said Middle Easterners don’t belong in the US, the country needed to “get rid” of them, and that “Trump will handle it” if he doesn’t do it himself.

The mother spoke to the local CBS affiliate 10News WTSP, saying she believed even if it weren’t “the time of Trump,” the man would have harassed them.

“We respected America, we came legally, we are not causing any problems, we love America,” the woman said. “And the guy, he doesn’t know – I worked as an interpreter for the US army for two years.”

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Prosecutors are pursuing hate-crime charges

Though Boileau is only currently facing a burglary charge, a Pasco County Sheriff’s Office spokesman told INSIDER that the sheriff has asked prosecutors to add a state hate-crime enhancement to the charges. The sheriff has also forwarded the case to the FBI for a potential federal hate-crime charge.

The spokesman added that Boileau “possibly tampered with the victim’s mail,” which would be another federal offence if proven in court. Boileau told police he hadn’t taken anything from the house, but the victim said she was missing a black purse with bank cards, gift cards, a food stamp card, and her ID.

According to the police report, this wasn’t even Boileau’s first visit to the family’s home this week.

On Monday, the woman said Boileau threw screws and nails at one of the family’s vehicles as it pulled out of the driveway, apparently in the hopes of flattening the tires.

“The US needs to rid the country of all of them,” Boileau said, according to the police report. “We’ll get rid of them one way or another.”