The 'Florida Man challenge' is going viral. Here's everything you need to know about it.

TwitterPeople are sharing the results of the ‘Florida Man challenge’ all over social media.
  • The “Florida Man challenge” is going viral.
  • To participate, search the internet for “Florida man” followed by your birthday and see what outrageous headline comes up.
  • The challenge originated with a Twitter account called @_FloridaMan in 2013 and a recent Tumblr post.

Viral internet challenges can range from dangerous (remember the Tide Pod challenge?) to wholesome (the Trash Tag challenge encouraged people to clean up outdoor areas and post before and after photos).

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The latest craze is called the “Florida Man challenge.”

To play, you Google “Florida man” followed by your birthday and see what outrageous headline pops up as a sort of personality test.

The “Florida Man” joke dates back to a Twitter account called @_FloridaMan founded in 2013. The account features unfortunate but often humorous news stories with “Florida Man” in the headline and imagines that this “man” is “the world’s worst superhero.”

On Tuesday, Tumblr user gandalfsoda proposed “new fun personality game” searching for the words “Florida man” and your birthday to see what eye-catching headline about an alleged crime comes up.

The game caught on and evolved into the viral Florida Man challenge with people sharing the results of their search.^tfw

Hopefully the ill-fated Florida Man gets his act together soon.

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