Florida Man Allegedly Stole An Army Humvee Because He Was Bored And High

A 19-year-old Florida man was allegedly bored and high Wednesday night and broke into an Army Reserve Training Center, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

Jose Quinones allegedly found the ultimate cure for his boredom in the Sanford, Fla. training center — a five-ton Humvee.

Citing a police report, Tiffany Walden, of the Orlando Sentinel, writes that after searching through a few vehicles:

… He found one with an anti-theft device on the steering wheel that was loose enough for him to turn the wheel a bit.

Soon, he was charging the tan military vehicle through the barbed-wire fence, driving past an unmanned security gate and motoring across Central Florida.

Humvees are no joke. A mainstay in the U.S. Army since 1985, hummers began to be lovingly referred to as a “Jeep on steroids” by U.S. soldiers. These weighty vehicles are purposefully designed for responding to war and natural disasters.

So, Quinones’ allegedly erratic driving of a humvee through residential suburbs was certainly out of place. Residents quickly began calling 911 after seeing the vehicle driving through the streets at night with no lights on, dragging a construction barrel behind it.

Quinones is currently being charged with grand theft, driving under the influence, driving an unregistered vehicle, and marijuana possession.

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