Watch Two Candidates For Governor Actually Debate Who Grew Up Poorer

Charlie crist rick scottCNNFormer Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (D) and Gov. Rick Scott (R).

The two candidates running for governor in Florida faced off in another heated debate Tuesday night and it’s clear they really don’t like each other.

There were no disputes over a fan this time, however, according to the Miami Herald, Gov. Rick Scott (R) and former Gov. Charlie Crist (D) took shot after shot at one another, displaying “their mutual contempt to a national TV audience in the home stretch of the costliest and meanest campaign in the country.”

At one point in the CNN debate, the two candidates actually debated who grew up poorer after a question about raising the minimum wage.

Scott, whose net worth is reportedly more than $US100 million, argued Crist had it easy in his younger days.

“Charlie doesn’t care. The reason he doesn’t care is he’s never experienced it. I watched a parent lose the only family car. I watched a father struggle to buy Christmas presents. I went through all that as a child. Charlie never went through that. Charlie grew up with plenty of money. He’s never had to worry about being laid off. Charlie’s done fine in life,” Scott said.

But Crist insisted Scott missed the mark.

“Listen, when I was a little kid, we lived in a small apartment in Atlanta when my dad was going to medical school. And he used to deliver newspapers to make ends meet. So you don’t know me. And you can’t tell my story,” he replied. “God bless you for that wealth, Rick, but the way you got it was pretty unsavory. And you know the fact [is] that you don’t relate to people, real people in Florida today.”

Watch the exchange below.

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