The University of Florida baseball team flew to College World Series on the Rolling Stones' Boeing 737

Things were already going pretty well for the University of Florida baseball team after clinching a spot in the College World Series. Things were going even better when they showed up at the airport and found out they were flying to Omaha on the Rolling Stones’ tour plane.

No, Mick Jagger and Co. are not Gators baseball fans (that we know of). Rather, how the Gators ended up on the jet was more about luck and circumstance, according to Scott Carter of the University of Florida athletic department.

The plane, a Boeing 737-400, is a charter being used by the Stones for their 15-city “Zip Code Tour.” After playing a show in Atlanta on Tuesday (June 9), the Stones flew to Orlando for their next show on Friday and did not have another show until Wednesday (June 17) in Nashville. The NCAA, which arranges the charters for the teams who qualify for the College World Series, was in the market for a nearby charter and the Stones’ plane was available and matched the criteria the NCAA was looking for.

Mick Jagger recently posed next to the plane.

Minneapolis to Dallas#StonesZip
Posted by Mick Jagger on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Unfortunately for the Gators players — or maybe fortunately for the coaches — the inside of the plane was less like what you would expect from one of the world’s greatest rock bands and more like a plane you would expect from a group of septuagenarians that the Stones are.

That shot is from a video posted by the University of the trip.

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