Florida football coach 'got an earful' from his 94-year-old mother after his sideline tirade went viral

The Florida Gators improved to 2-0 in the Jim McElwain era by squeezing past East Carolina with a 31-24 win. But the only highlight anybody was talking about after the game came from the sideline.

After running back Kelvin Taylor scored on a 7-yard touchdown run to give the Gators a 2-touchdown lead in the second half, he made a throat-slashing gesture. This is a big no-no in college sports that led to a 15-yard penalty and better field position for East Carolina on their next drive. 

McElwain immediately called Taylor over to the sideline, and in front of the rest of the offence, McElwain exploded at Taylor in a tirade for the ages.


In his press conference with the media on Monday, McElwain was asked if he learned anything from the incident.

“Yeah, I definitely did,” McElwain told the media. “It’s one of those things I’ve gotta learn from. There’s no doubt about it. And I am not proud of it and neither is my mother. At 94-years-old, I got an earful from her too, and rightfully so.”

After the game, Taylor, who is the son of former NFL player Fred Taylor, took to Twitter to say that there are no hard feelings for the actions of his coach.