Florence Pugh pays tribute to that harrowing ‘screaming and wailing’ scene in ‘Midsommar’

Florence Pugh (center) in ‘Midsommar.’ A24
  • The famous scene involves Pugh’s character crying and screaming in unison with a group of women.
  • “Truly, these women made this scene possible,” Pugh recalled on her Instagram of the “terrifying” scene.
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Actress Florence Pugh took to her Instagram account to reflect on one of the most memorable scenes from her breakthrough 2019 movie, “Midsommar.

The “Little Women” star reflected on the moment in the movie when her Dani character, visiting a Swedish midsummer festival, emotionally breaks down while surrounded by a group of women. The scene would go on to be one of the most memorable of the movie thanks to Pugh’s raw talents featured in it.

“I remember the first take being so long, much longer than is displayed in the film that you all watched,” she wrote in the Instagram post. “When [director] Ari [Aster] said cut, we all clung on to each other’s arms and dug our nails into each other’s palms and wept. Sobbed. Heaved. I remember it being really hard to stop.”

Pugh said everyone involved in the scene knew exactly what day in production the scene would be shot, as those involved prepared for a day where they all would “war cry and scream in each other’s faces,” as Pugh put it.

The chilling scene takes place in the movie after Dani discovers her boyfriend taking part in a ritual orgy. She’s brought back to a cabin with a group of women from the village where they all cry and scream in unison.

Florence pugh
Florence Pugh. Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Pugh admits that all the women involved in the scene realized how strange and awkward it would be to pull off. But she praised all that were involved.

“Truly, these women made this scene possible,” Pugh wrote. “It was TERRIFYING. As terrifying as it was to watch, it was to read and know we had to do it. I love these girls so much. I’m not a big crier, so going through that with them was true safely and love and respect. It only happened because I had them.”

The Instagram post also features a photo of Pugh and the other women in the scene standing and embracing each other in a circle. She noted that this was after shooting the emotional scene for two hours.

The Oscar-nominee said a big reason she did the post was that she likely won’t see these women again.

“I knew I would never be so open and so raw and so exhausted like I was that day ever again,” she wrote. “We got up from our knees after two hours of screaming and wailing and grieving. We held each other. We looked at each other. We nervously giggled, and cried some more. Then we went home.”

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