This Ridiculous Double-Flop Is A Big Reason Many Americans Still Don't Watch Soccer

Barcelona and Real Madrid of Spain’s La Liga met in the latest version of El Clásico, one of the biggest sports rivalries in the world.

Despite featuring some of the best soccer players in the world and a thrilling 4-3 win for Barça, the match was overshadowed for some by an incident that highlights the ugly side of the sport.

After Barcelona star Lionel Messi tied the match near the end of the first half, Pepe of Real Madrid and Cesc Fabregas got mixed up in a confrontation that ended with the players simulataneously falling to the ground and grabbing their faces.

Pepe was accused of headbutting Fabregas and photos later showed that there was some contact between their foreheads. However, that contact came after Pepe was shoved from behind and it is difficult to tell if it was intentional.

Both players were given yellow cards for the incident.

Even with the headbutt, both players clearly overreacted and exaggerated the contact and this drives many Americans nuts.

While American sports are not immune to flops the move is typically criticised and ridiculed if overly-exaggerated. Just ask LeBron James.

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