See The Floor Plans From Your favourite TV Homes

house of simpson family ground floorThe ground floor of The Simpson’s Springfield home.

Photo: Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde

We know the layout of Monica’s kitchen on “Friends” and the exact colour of Homer’s sofa on “The Simpsons.”But did you ever wonder what the other parts of their homes looked like?

Artist Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde has created amazingly complete floor plans for some of our favourite shows over the years, and was kind enough to share them with us (they’re also available on Etsy).

Get to know your favourite TV characters in a whole new light.

Ted Mosby is in the eighth season of explaining to his kids how he met their mother. Here's Ted's NYC apartment, which he shared with a rotation of other characters on the show.

The show has developed a strong following over its six seasons. Penny supposedly lives in this cute 1-bedroom.

If you ever wanted to know how the Simpsons' upstairs looked, here's your chance.

Jack was Will's best friend, had an expansive apartment by New York standards.

And here is Lorelai's master bedroom and a guest room on the second floor of the home.

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