FLOOR PLANS: Here's how the internet is changing Australian homes

Photo by Brendan Hoffman / Getty Images.

Proliferation of the internet has changed the way we communicate, work and educate ourselves. But it has also changed the way our homes and offices are designed.

NBN today released a report entitled Towards a super connected Australia and examines how the nation has evolved into one of the most connected country’s in the world.

It says the introduction of faster internet will enable Australians to rethink how they configure their homes and it included two floor plans to demonstrate its point.

This is the floor plan of a typical three bedroom 1950s home.

But NBN says the home of the future is more likely to look like the floor plan below, complete with a communications hub and a number of workspaces.

“The family room might evolve as a command centre linked to the kitchen to the television and to lounging space,” the report says. “The home might evolve into a resort or perhaps a new kind of hotel where members come and go and interact in much the same way office workers of the future might come and go and collaborate as required or as inclined.”

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