Sandy's Floodwaters May Have Compromised Thousands Of Pending Criminal Cases

police, sandy, nyc, 2012, bi, dngNew York police vans in the aftermath of Sandy.

Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

Hurricane Sandy might have taken a toll on New York City’s judicial system, with floodwaters possibly damaging thousands of pieces of police evidence.There is already at least one case, a 2009 Bronx burglary, that could be compromised because of contaminated blood evidence, Reuters reported today.

Overall, nearly 10,000 barrels containing everything from bloody T-shirts to stained comforters may have been damaged, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne told Reuters.

There are also about 4,000 bikes, 960 cars, and 760 motorcycles damaged in the Brooklyn and Queens warehouses.

It’s still unclear how many cases — ranging from murder to burglary — are compromised, Browne told Reuters.

“We’re still trying to sort through this and assess the damage,” said Police Commissioner Ray Kelly for the New York Post.

As to how this will affect criminal trials, it would depend on the individual cases, Kelly told The Post.

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