Some Dramatic Images Of Flooding In Red Hook, Brooklyn

The first wave of storm surges related to Hurricane Sandy have resulted in images of flooding in low-lying “Zone A” parts of New York City.

Earlier we posted a picture from the Battery Park Boardwalk, where an ABC 7 reporter cited “several inches” of water.

In Red Hook Brooklyn (a neighbourhood on the West side of the borough) people have been tweeting interesting images of flooding.

On Instagram, Dustintodd posts: “High tide Red Hook Brooklyn – Hurricane Sandy”.

Red Hoook hurricane sandy

Photo: Dustintodd, Instagram

Meanwhile, twitter user @greenpainting (via @jezebeldodai) posts a corroborating image of what appears to be the same street.

Red Hoook hurricane sandy

Photo: @greenpainting, Twitter

This early flooding was expected, and remember the hurricane is still a few hundred miles and about 12 hours from landfall.

Tonight’s high-tide is expected to be worse.

For more pictures of the flooding, see here >

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