Check Out This Global-Warming-Proof Village In The Netherlands


Architects in the Netherlands are making use of their access to the ocean. In IJburg, a town east of Amsterdam, Architectenbureau Marlies Rohmer firm has developed an entire neighbourhood of 75 floating homes (via inhabitat).

The floating homes are an attempt at adaptation to the rising sea levels in the Netherlands due to climate change.

Submerged tubs support the homes that are built of lightweight frames. Residents can easily change the wall panels to windows after the home is built if they desire different views.

The lowest floor of the homes, where there are bedrooms, are partially submerged underwater.

Boardwalks take the place of sidewalks, while swimming in the summer and ice skating in the winter take the place of jogging and biking around the neighbourhood.

Homes windows can be rotated for different views

Here's a design with the submerged tubs underneath the home

The layout of the homes

Dive off your second floor to cool off in the summer

Residents' yards become huge ice skating rinks in the winter

Here's a home floating through a lock

Residents stroll along the sidewalks

Another street view

An aerial view of the neighbourhood

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