This new website makes it much easier to find the next show or movie you'll love on Netflix

Netflix’s expansive library of TV shows and movies puts an enormous amount of content at your fingertips, but it can be difficult to navigate.

If you know what show you’re looking for, the system works fine. But when you are trying to quickly browse and find the next thing to watch, there are two issues that come up:

  1. Netflix’s 5-star rating system doesn’t do a great job at capturing how much you’ll love a show of movie (even Netflix’s CPO has admitted this).
  2. There is no option to quickly watch a trailer while you are browsing, unless the TV show or movie is a Netflix original.

But now a site called Flixed, pointed out by The Next Web, solves both of these problems. Flixed is an alternative way to navigate Netflix’s catalogue. When you make a selection on Flixed, it ports you over to the official Netflix site where the show or movie immediately starts playing (as long as you’re signed into your Netflix account). The site includes Metacritic and IMDB ratings, so you’ll immediately have a better sense of how good a show is.

You can also watch the trailer while browsing, which I find particularly useful in assessing how much an older movie on Netflix has stood the test of time.

And the final added functionality Flixed gives is an indication of which region a movie or show is available in. Netflix doesn’t comment on how many people use a VPN — a tool that shields or alters a computer’s IP address — to access content that is “locked” in their region, but with Netflix expanding to over 130 more countries last week, the possible options have expanded.

Check out Flixed for yourself here.

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