Former teachers who now earn $45,000 a month share their 2 best productivity tips

Shane and Jocelyn by the Pacific Ocean San Diego (1)Courtesy of Flipped LifestyleShane and Jocelyn Sams.

A few years ago, Shane and Jocelyn Sams were teachers who earned a combined $5,000 a month.

Today, they’re the owners of Flipped Lifestyle, whose business earns $45,000 to $100,000 a month.

How did they make the leap?

Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents interviewed the couple, who explained everything from what it’s like to go from making ends meet to having money to spare to how other people can echo their success.

When Rose asked for their favourite productivity tips, each had their own answer. For Jocelyn, it’s a meticulous calendar. For Shane, it’s the total avoidance of multitasking.

Jocelyn told Rose:

“The biggest thing that we do for productivity, is we calendar everything. Everything goes on the calendar, and we live and die by the calendar. We will even plan — we’ll block off three hours, play with the kids. Our calendar is completely full every hour.

“It’s just like a zero-point budget, like Dave Ramsey would say, ‘Budget every dollar before you spend it.’ We budget every second before we spend that time, so that we know we’re taking care of our priorities.

“There are a lot of tricks, like Scrum and all these Post-it notes, and all these different things that people do to stay organised. Those are all fine and good, but here’s the bottom line: We all have 168 hours. If you want to be productive, spend those hours before you actually get to them. Plan everything on the calendar and stick to it, and you’ll be more productive.”

And Shane told Rose:

“Mine is to try to focus on one thing at a time. Multitasking is a lie. I try to finish — get one thing, break it down into small parts, and do those parts as fast as I can before I lose interest. Just try to focus on one thing at a time until it’s done and then move on to the next thing.

“We meet people all the time, who come into Flipped Lifestyle’s membership community, and they have 10 websites and three businesses, and all this stuff. We’re like, ‘No, you start with one and you expand out from there.’ That’s the best way to build it that we’ve found, so focus on one thing.”

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