Check Out Flipboard's Minimalist, "Inside Of An iPod" Office -- And The Huge New One They're Planning To Move Into (PHOTO TOUR)

Flipboard office tour

Flipboard, the iPad magazine app, has become very popular, thanks in large part to its clean, minimalist design.

Flipboard’s corporate headquarters in Palo Alto, Calif., share a similar spirit.¬†With bright white walls and desks and lots of natural light, it’s sort of like “the inside of an iPod.”

But Flipboard is already outgrowing its space, and plans to expand into a much larger office in downtown Palo Alto later this year.

We recently visited both buildings, and, of course, brought our camera.

Flipboard HQ -- a former art gallery -- is a few blocks down a tree-lined street from downtown Palo Alto.

There's Flipboard CEO Mike McCue (centre) in a design meeting with Mia Quagliarello (content curation), Marcos Weskamp (design), and Gloria Lin (product)

McCue co-founded Flipboard last year. He's best known for founding Tellme Networks and selling it to Microsoft. Long ago, he worked at Netscape.

Michael Johnston coding away (front-end engineering).

What's an office these days without an Angry Bird?

Cool MacBook Pro Pac-Man decal.

Flipboard co-founder Evan Doll's neato Instagram screensaver.

A Newton! No plans to port Flipboard to this old gadget, we understand.

Cool Flipboard-customised iPad 2 cover.

Dylan Field, Flipboard's first summer intern, comes from Brown University.

There's Mike McCue's desk, with a huge Flipboard poster along the wall.

So much sun was coming in through this skylight that they had to mask it off a bit.

Engineers Raphael Schaad and Tony Huynh

Quotes about Flipboard on the back wall, including this one from Ashton Kutcher

And the visitors autograph wall, including MC Hammer and Twitter co-founder Evan Williams


Who needs a cafeteria when Whole Foods is right down the block?

Flipboard's semi-famous red couches and graffiti art, a few bursts of colour

Sami Shaio (engineering) refuels

Marci McCue and Christel van der Boom

The engineers are quick to jump up and give us a demo

The anticipation builds...


Gus Gostyla (business development) shows off his Apple Newton

Triplett tries to capture an unnamed Flipboard employee for a photo opp

Mike McCue is amused

OK, time for everyone to get back to work

We're going outside. It's a beautiful day in Palo Alto.

Neat Flipboard logo on the building

The big sliding door is open, and you can see people working from the street

Across the street, a building where Apple CEO Steve Jobs supposedly had a small, private office for years

A few blocks away, here's the much bigger (13,000 sq. ft.) building that Flipboard hopes to expand into later this year

It's a different vibe but it's pretty cool, as the company plans to expand to 50-60 people by the end of the year.

Wood floors and sunlight in the entry way.

Construction started in 1916.

We'll take a desk right here.

Upstairs, perhaps the lunch/employee hangout area

Looks like an Apple Store right here

The boardroom

Even a backyard! We'll take it!

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