The Newest Number One App On IPhone Is A Great Way To Recap Your 2013 In Facebook Photos

Flipagram is a video app that is perfect for remembering some of the best moments of 2013. The app lets you create short videos comprised of pictures from Facebook, Instagram, and the photos stored on your phone.

The length of the videos can vary between 15 seconds and 30 seconds ,but you’ll have the added benefit of being able to add music to spruce up the story you want to tell.

The app is available for free on iPhone and Android.

Here's the welcome screen. The app will ask you to start making your own video or sync with your Instagram account.

This is the main menu. Choose pictures from Instagram, Facebook, or photos stored on your phone.

Let's go with Facebook. You have three options: Profile Pictures, Cover Photos, or iOS Photos (the photos you uploaded to Facebook from your iPhone).

You'll see all your cover photos from 2013. Tap once on each of them to put in your video.

This is where your choices will appear.

Double tap on them to crop, move, and scale.

You'll be able to drag to them and place them in any position you want.

Good tip: Duplicate pictures to add more emphasis in your video.

Once you've collected all your images, the app will take you to the customisation screen.

On this part of the app, you'll be able to adjust the time frame of the video. Flipagram can make the video last 30 seconds or sync with Instagram Video and make it 15 seconds.

The customisation options for Flipagram are pretty cool. You can change a watermark to leave your own personal stamp on the video while manipulating the font if you want to title it something.

This is how you add music to your videos.

Tapping Find Music will take you to Flipagram's personal library of songs.

In order to find something interesting, you'll be able to select different categories at the top.

The My Music option will let you upload playlists saved on iTunes Radio.

After selecting music and adjusting fonts, play your video at the top!

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