Flip Goes HD, Bloggers Rejoice

Pure Digital, which makes the popular “Flip” camcorders that people like AllThingsD’s Kara Swisher wave in startup founders’ faces, is going HD.

The new Flip Mino HD will sell for $230, just $50 more than its standard-def Flip Mino. The Flip Mino HD will compete most directly with Kodak’s (EK) Zi6, which is selling for about $180 on the Web.

Pure Digital — which has sold some 1.5 million cameras since last year — could be the fastest-growing company you’ve never heard of: According to Deloitte, revenues grew 44,667%, “the highest rate in Silicon Valley over the last five years,” the NYT notes.

The biggest shortcoming, as the NYT’s Brad Stone reminds us: It’s hard to share video in HD because sites like YouTube (GOOG) and MySpace (NWS) don’t yet play HD clips.

Perhaps an opportunity for IAC’s (IACI) Vimeo, which has offered hi-def video sharing for more than a year, to take some market share. (And perhaps make some money off its new $60/year Vimeo Plus offering, which allows users to upload unlimited HD video.)

Below, Kara’s clip where she introduces her Mino HD to her other Flip cameras.

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