Flip Cam Founder Is Sad That Cisco Killed It

Flip founder and former CEO Jon Kaplan is sad that Cisco killed his product this morning.

AllThingsD reporter Kara Swisher interviewed Kaplan this morning at a Starbucks in San Francisco and got him to admit he was sad about the decision.

She used her Flip, of course.

Kaplan left his position as head of Cisco consumer products in February after Cisco reported that sales of its consumer products had fallen 15% in the quarter ended January 31. Cisco bought Pure Digital — the makers of the Flip — in 2009 for $590 million.

Kaplan also explained that his worst moment with the Flip was realising that about 200,000 of them needed a firmware update to fix a battery bug, and not knowing the best way to roll out the update. The best moment? Seeing Sasha Obama use a Flip on stage at her father’s inauguration.

Swisher thinks that Cisco could easily have found a consumer electronics company to buy the Flip business unit, which was reportedly profitable, but CEO John Chambers offered it as a sacrifice to show how serious he is about refocusing the company.

Swisher’s interview with Kaplan is below. She has also reposted some of her most famous Flip ambushes, including a fun one with Mark Zuckerberg.