Flights to Bali have been cancelled again as volcanic ash returns

Ngurah Rai international at Denpasar. File Photo. Agung Parameswara/Getty Images

Virgin has cancelled all flights in and out of Bali with the return of volcanic ash from Mt Raung.

“The latest advice from our team of meteorologists and the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre is that conditions in the vicinity of Denpasar Airport have deteriorated and are no longer safe for flying,” a Virgin spokesman said.

A full list of those flights is HERE.

Virgin says it will asses the situation later today and make an announcement about 6pm.

Jetstar says winds pushed the ash plume toward Denpasar Airport this morning and Jetstar flight 43 from Melbourne to Bali turned back to Melbourne Airport.

“We will make a decision regarding this evening’s planned flying to and from Bali this afternoon, and update customers on our plans shortly after,” a Jetstar spokesman said.

Last week airlines put on more flights, during an improvement in flying conditions, to pick up thousands of Australians stranded by the ash cloud.

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