Flight Centre's Brisbane Office Christmas Party Slip 'N Slide Not All Fun And Games

An outdoor slip n slide. Photo: Getty Images

Flight Centre’s Brisbane office may have had the most epic work Christmas party ever, with images and videos of a giant slip ‘n slide going viral on social media.

However, the celebration, which took place last Friday at the travel agent’s Queen Street office, wasn’t all laughs and good times with the Courier Mail reporting one staff member, Paul Gaffney – who is short of stature – being knocked unconscious on his second attempt down the slide.

The 41-year-old slipped backwards and knocked his head as he ran to skid down the office hallway’s makeshift water slide.

Gaffney spent the weekend before Christmas in hospital, under observation for head injuries.

One Flight Centre colleague expressed her displeasure with the potentially dangerous in-office activity, describing the moment Gaffney’s head hit the ground.

“It was a sickening thud – it was awful,” she said. “It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt – everyone thinks it’s so hysterical that it went viral but someone got hurt.”

Gaffney has defended the slip ‘n slide saying, “it was just one minor accident that didn’t have any serious consequences.” Photos and videos of the sixth annual event were doing the rounds on social media with the hashtag #wolfofqueenst.

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