Flight attendants reveal the wildest things they have seen at work

Bridesmaids / Universal PicturesShe’s seen it all.

Getting paid to travel to new and exotic places sounds like a dream come true.

But as awesome as it may seem to work as a flight attendant, it’s actually a lot more stressful than you might imagine.

A recent AskReddit thread asked flight attendants to recount the craziest thing they have ever seen happen while at work. And though INSIDER can’t independently verify any of these tales, they do make for some wild reading.

Take a look at these eight horrifying things flight attendants say they have witnessed on the job.

“The puke rolled and splashed down the aisle almost all the way to the back galley.”

Universal PicturesThis one is disgusting.

“We had a school group of young children sitting in the front of the plane. On takeoff, one little boy leaned over into the aisle and threw up. The puke rolled and splashed down the aisle almost all the way to the back galley.” – Redditor runLikeYerBeingChasd

“This was the most violent landing either of us had experienced.”

Flight / Paramount PicturesCrazy turbulence was a popular answer.

“The captain had us secure the cabin early for landing as we were expecting some bad cross winds, which can lead to crazy turbulence. We secured and I took my jump seat with another FA in the back.

On approach, the wind was gusting so bad that my seat mate and I were being whipped from side to side pretty severely. We were both pretty scared as this was the most violent landing either of us had experienced. She grabbed my hand and we held hands until we were sure we weren’t going off the runway.” – Redditor body_by_monsanto

“They had to hose him off on the tarmac upon arrival.”

Alex Davies / Business InsiderNasty.

“Probably my favourite story is about a gentleman who went into one of the lavs to relieve himself. As he flushed, and opened the gooseneck valve to the tank, the plane hit a pocket of dead air and dropped, like 15 feet vertically. Everything in the tank proceeded upwards at the speed of gravity. He was… covered. They had to hose him off on the tarmac upon arrival.” – Redditor BatMally

“The pilot came on saying that the landing gear was showing a malfunction.”

“We were going in for a landing and aborted, and the pilot came on saying that the landing gear was showing a malfunction, so to just sit back and be patient. Maybe 30 minutes later the flight attendant starts moving the people sitting on the front of the plane to the back (just a precaution). I could see the fear. It was there.

So the pilot comes on and says we’re going in for a landing. I’m hyperventilating in my seat. We land flawlessly. I look out the window. All the emergency crews are on site. Around 10 firetrucks and five ambulances, plus plenty of police officers. Kinda made my stomach drop when I think about how serious this could’ve been. I shook that pilot’s hand as I stumbled off the plane.” – Redditor rubytwixt

“It smelled putrid.”

Bridesmaids / Universal PicturesIt’s still a mystery.

“Grossest story I have is someone smeared sh** all over one of the bathrooms during a 14-hour flight to China. It smelled putrid. We put up an out of order sign, but then a couple hours later someone had gone in and cleaned it up! We figured it was a kid and one of the parents had snuck in after.” – Anonymous Redditor

“There was a loud thump and I saw a flash of light.”

iStockGetting hit by lightning is more common than you’d think.

“Once during a very turbulent and stormy flight – the captain had just asked us to take our seats – our plane got struck by lightning. There was a loud thump and I saw a flash of light that didn’t come through the window. I knew that this usually doesn’t cause any problems, but it was scary. I sat on my jumpseat and recited all my procedures and commands in my head until we landed (which thankfully was in maybe 15-20 minutes).” – Redditor saffronekitty

“It escalated quickly and one guy ended up having his nose broken.”

Bridesmaids / Universal PicturesIt’s just an armrest.

“A few months ago, two men sitting next to each other started getting very physical over the arm rest. It escalated quickly, and one guy ended up having his nose broken. There was a pregnant woman near them that obviously was in danger of a stray punch. On the street, you can just walk away, but its quite terrifying when everyone looks at you to sort it out!”- Redditor waterbadger

“The overhead bin started raining maggots.”

MIKI Yoshihito / FlickrMaggots everywhere.

“It was a transatlantic flight, and halfway through the flight near the back of the plane, the overhead bin started raining maggots on the passengers in one row – just pouring through. One of the other flight attendants on the plane investigated and discovered that a passenger had flown in from Africa and was travelling to the US via Europe, and had a whole dead fish filled with maggots wrapped inside a newspaper (apparently it’s considered a delicacy in some parts of the world).

They wound up leaving the closed suitcase in one of the bathrooms and locked the door until everybody disembarked after landing. Some people are afraid of crashing. Not me. I’m just afraid of maggot rain.” – Redditor little_mermarx

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