A flight attendant is being called a hero for breastfeeding a passenger's crying baby in-flight

A Philippine Airlines flight attendant came to a passenger’s rescue when she offered to breastfeed the woman’s crying baby.

During a flight on November 6, Patrisha Organo heard a baby crying in the cabin and approached the mother of the child, suggesting she feed her baby. The mother said she had run out of her formula milk. Knowing there was none on the flight, Organo offered to breastfeed the baby herself.

In a later Facebook post describing the event, Organo wrote that she “saw the relief on her mother’s eyes” as soon as the baby started to feed.The baby calmed down and fell asleep while feeding, causing the mother to thank Organo.

Organo received an outpouring of support for her act after sharing her story on Facebook and more than 22,000 people shared her post. Facebook users also responded with comments praising the flight attendant’s act, with one person even calling her a “hero.”





Babies can be safely fed donated breast milk. In fact, the Human Milk Banking Association of North America collects and pasteurizes breast milk for mothers who can’t breastfeed their own babies.

Some mothers choose to partake in informal milk sharing, which comes with risks like contamination or the spread of disease or drugs used by the milk donor to the baby. According to the World Health Organisation, mothers should evaluate their individual circumstances when deciding if their baby should consume donated breast milk or another nutrition source, like formula.

Organo and Philippine Airlines did not immediately reply to INSIDER’s requests for comment.


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