Flight 1549: The Movie!

It seems that these days, when there’s a plane crash, there’s a movie. Mercifully, this will be a tale of hope, countlessly replayed on TBS on Sunday afternoons for years to come. Much like Rudy. Well, the crew over at New York magazine already have their casting done, and we only wish we had come up with their genius title ourselves: “Duck, Duck, Goose: The Miracle of Flight 1549”

NY Magazine: Once we saw the first pictures of Captain Chesley B. Sullenberger III, we knew that no one would look better sporting Sully’s pilot cap than the magnificent J.K. Simmons. And who better to play Jeff Kolodjay, the Kangol-capped gentleman whose first-person recollections of the harrowing crash have made him a ubiquitous presence across the vast wasteland of cable news, than Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields? And, finally, who could forget the villainous bird whose attempts to bring the plane down were thwarted by the heroic Captain Sullenberger? There’s only one person animal in Hollywood with the dramatic chops and gravitas to take on a role of this magnitude. Obvs, we’re talking about the Aflac duck.

Who would you pick to see in the film version? Jeremy Piven as Kolodjay? Bernard Hill as the pilot? Morgan Freeman as Gov. Paterson?? (Oh, come on, you know there’s going to be one!)


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