Each One Of These Hedge Funds Held Shares Of The Company At The centre Of New Insider Trading Charges

The insider trading charges that are expected to be announced to against 4 hedge funders come at an interesting time.

A criminal complaint was recently unsealed, and it was revealed that 11 hedge funds received information from Walter Shimoon, a consultant of the expert network Primary Global.

The complaint says that the portfolio managers traded on the information Shimoon gave them about at least Flextronics (where he worked) and Omnivision Technologies. 

So we decided to do a little digging to see who held it at the time. Bear in mind, this is a big company, but it’s a start if you wanted to hone in on who might be involved.

The complaint says Shimoon gave information to “Hedge fund #2” in November 2009. So we know Shimoon was a consultant for Primary Global in at least November 2009. 

Knowing that, we looked up which hedge funds were holding Flextronics in Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2009.

Here’s what we found. Listed below are the 10 hedge funds that held the most Flextronics shares starting in Q2 2009.

The first thing we noticed is that SAC Capital is on it — and their employee, Noah Freeman, is getting charged today.

In order from the fund with the most shares in Q2 2009:


Cambiar Investors

GMT Capital

DE Shaw

ELM Ridge


SAC Capital

Numeric Investors


DLS Capital


S Squared Tech


Diam Capital



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