Introducing Flayvr, The Best Way To View Your iPhone Photos

flayvr iphone

Photo: Kevin Smith, Business Insider

Flayvr is one of our new favourite apps.We love how Flayvr works like magic to unclog our camera roll.

The app organizes everything into easily digestible events. Flayvr is automatic, fast, and easy to use.

The app is based around three principles: simplicity, offering users a unique experience, and the ability to easily share. We believe that it achieves all of these goals and is beautifully executed. 

Flayvr is free and available for the iPhone.

Android fans won’t have to wait too much longer, the app should be available for Google-based devices in a few months.

Flayvr is a new way to interact with your camera roll.

When you first download the app, you are given a brief walkthrough of how it works. We know we're fed up with swiping through our camera roll!

The app automatically stitches your photos AND videos into events.

The app will prompt you to use your location. This is because it needs to see where and when you have taken the videos and videos.

Once you're inside, this is what the various Flayvrs look like. The grid style makes it easy to see multiple photos at once.

Tap on a Flayvr to open it. The app will piece together videos and photos, then expand.

It's easy to navigate around if you don't want the date displayed it's easy to rename. Tapping any tile will expand a photo, tapping a video will allow a short clip of the vid to play.

If you tap the pencil icon, here is what you will see. You have the option to change the title, location, and remove photos from the Flayvr. Soon you'll be able to add photos too.

Sharing is baked right into the app. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ fans rejoice! If you want to share a Flayvr via SMS or email you can do that too.

Here is another glimpse into one of our Flayvrs.

After you expand a photo you can swipe left or right to browse through the set.

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