A Glitch In Obamacare Means Millions Of Middle-Class Retirees Will Get Free Healthcare

healthcare reform

Photo: Flickr SEIU International

An oversight in the Affordable Care Act allows millions of middle-class Americans to qualify for Medicaid.According to the Daily Mail, the loophole was discovered after the bill was signed into law and will allow couples earning four times the federal poverty level, access to entitlements designed for the poor.

Officials making long-range cost estimates for Health and Human Services estimate that an early retired married couple could have an annual income of $64,000 and still qualify for medicaid.

The Obama administration initially downplayed concerns over the issue, but said late yesterday it would look into the matter.

The loophole allows couples to exclude social security benefits from their income and will allow up to three million people to qualify for Medicaid in 2014 who would otherwise be ineligible.

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