Flashback: WWE 2010 Royal Rumble Results And Recap

Sunday, January 31st, 2010-Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, is the host of the Royal Rumble. For me right now, it’s 5:17 pm, less than two hours before the WWE Royal Rumble. Also for me, it’s the calm before the storm, being able to listen to Fozzy’s “Chasing the Grail” while doing some writing homework, I thought I put some thoughts down before the Rumble event. I am interested on seeing how long Jericho will be in the Rumble match with his arrest this past week, and I am interested on seeing if Triple H will actually win the Royal Rumble match like expected and some are predicting.

I have mix feelings on both situations, both I have listed in the WWE Week in Review article that is out today on CCB.com. But yeah, just nervous on not knowing how many numbers who will come over for the night; I am hosting the Royal Rumble at my apartment. But I should get back to doing homework, but am excited for the event! Let’s get ready to Rumble! YES!

The Royal Rumble Starts, Now!

The trio at the colour commentator’s both is Jerry “the King” Lawler, Michael Cole, and Matt Striker. I wish Jim Ross was around, for it would be Lawler, J.R., and Striker.

Extreme Championship Wrestling Championship Match: Christian [c] vs. Ezekiel Jackson

This started out as kind of a slower match. Me personally, a good start for the Rumble event. William Regal was going to attack Christian outside, and the ref caught him right before he had a chance to do anything, and before he had a chance, the ref threw out Regal. That sucks, but we will see him later ..click here to read more

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