FLASHBACK: Three-Month-Old Twitter Was Psyched To Have 160 Users

When Twitter was just three months old – and just a project called twttr in Ev Williams’ earlier startup Odeo – product manager Noah Glass sent out an email bragging about having reached 160 beta users.

The email reads in part: “We currently have 160 beta testers. We receive about 100 status updates per day. We are sending between 800-1000 SMS per day. … In the next week, we still have a buncha work to do. But we are SOOOOOOO close. Very exciting.”

Exciting indeed. He probably didn’t even realise how much.

Today Twitter has millions of users and casually brushes off multi billion dollar acquisition offers from the likes of Google.

It’s a great reminder that sometimes entrepreneurs should keep plugging away even if their product doesn’t take off right away. twttr was launched in early 2006 but Twitter didn’t really take off until a year later at South By Southwest.

(This was sent to us by the CEO of startup Quantter, saying we should write about his startup because growing faster than Twitter; and, we guess it is, and we did.)

Here’s the full email →

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