FLASHBACK: It's Already Been Two Years Since Sully Landed In The Hudson

us airways hudson

Saturday is the 2-year anniversary of U.S. Airways’ splashdown in the Hudson River.

Moments after the Airbus jet splashed into the river on Jan. 15, 2009, Janis Krums from Sarasota, Fla. posted the first photo on Twitter from his iPhone.

“There’s a plane in the Hudson. I’m on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy,” he said.

Krums probably had no idea that would become one of the iconic photos of 2009, broadcast over and over on cable news, printed in newspapers, and sprayed all over the Internet.

On TwitPic, that photo has been viewed some 640,168 times — almost 100,000 new views since a year ago today.

This probably makes it one of the most-viewed TwitPics of all time.

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