Flash Mob Of Teenagers Break Onion Editor's Leg

flash mob

Well, this isn’t a funny headline at all.

Emily Guendelsberger, a 27-year-old editor for The Onion‘s AV Club, was part of a group that was attacked Saturday night by 30 to 40 teenagers on Saturday night.

She was punched and kicked by the mob, which broke her leg.

A couple of people stopped to protect Guendelsberger and help her friends.

Guendelsberger tweeted: “Oh wait someone tracked down one of the girls who stopped! Hey @_xoxobritnee, you and your friends are the fucking greatest for helping us”

A flash mob also robbed an Upper Darby Sears. Apparently, it was a different one.

The video of the second incident is below. It’s pretty nuts, actually.

Flash Mob Robs Upper Darby Sears: MyFoxPHILLY.com

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