Flash Flood Add 60 Deaths In Riot-Torn Kashmir


The rampant flooding through China and Pakistan has just reached India. Flash floods killed at least 60 last night in Kashmir.


The overnight floods, prompted by an intense cloudburst, tore through Leh, the main town in the Buddhist-dominated Ladakh region, causing what state Tourism Minister Nawang Rigzin Jora described as “unprecedented” devastation.

Television footage showed scenes reminiscent of an earthquake, with collapsed buildings, downed power lines and residents scrabbling knee-deep through mud to try to dig survivors out of the rubble.

Unfortunately this could worsen — if not disrupt — two months of sectarian violence in the region. The Indian army has imposed a curfew since June 11 after the majority Muslim population began rioting in response to the army’s lethal response to a populist protest.

Remember, this comes with the territory in emerging markets.

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