Now There's A Flappy Doge Game To Give You Your Flappy Bird Fix

Now that you can’t download Flappy Bird anymore, a bunch of developers are creating clones of the game.

In Flappy Bird, you have to help a bird fly safely through a bunch of obstacles by furiously tapping your screen. But over the weekend, Flappy Bird developer Nguyen Ha Dong took down the game, saying that he just couldn’t take it anymore.

People who have already downloaded the game will still be able to play Flappy Bird on their devices. Those who didn’t get a chance to download the game before it got pulled will have to settle for these alternatives, many of which are skyrocketing to the top of the Apple Store charts.

For starters, here’s a Web-based clone of Flappy Bird, called Flappy Doge. It’s just like Flappy Bird, but minus the bird and plus the dog.

Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Flyeris the No. 1 top free app in the app store.

Ironpantshas a bit of a different take on the bird construction, and replaces the bird with a caped superhero. It’s currently No. 2 in the free apps for iOS. It’s also available for Android.

Flappy Bee, which is available for both iOS and Android, is No. 3 in the top free iOS apps. It’s basically a nicer version of Flappy Bird, but with bees instead of birds.

Adventures of Birdie is the fourth most-paid iOS app, and requires you to dodge the branches. The app cost $US0.99.

If birds, bees and superheroes don’t do it for you,Splashy Fish might be right for you. It’s currently No. 9 in the app store.

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