Flamethrower meets firehose in the ultimate battle of fire and water

Fire or water: Which is stronger?

A group of firefighters decided to find out: One man stands behind the shield with a firehose while another remotely activates the flamethrower. A few guys stood around to watch, likely to extinguish any fires that got out of hand. Seriously, do not try this at home.

The firefighters took a couple of shots: The first one didn’t go so well for the guy operating the water hose:


But then the firefighters tried again, this time with the hose and flamethrower more aligned with each other:


Though these two tests won’t ultimately decide the Fire vs. Water War, it seems as though water has a clear advantage. According to the popular game Pok√©mon, water types like Vaporeon are “super effective” against fire types like Arcanine, as you can see below.

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