'Five Year Engagement' Bombs—Here's Your Box-Office Roundup

Yeah, Segel. We were slightly shocked, too.

Photo: Universal

Sorry, Jason Segel. No one wants a five-year engagement. His film performed worse than both of the actors past films “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and “The Muppets” which earned $17.7 million and $29.2 million respectively opening weekends. 

Overall, this just wasn’t a week for movies. Every film that came out this weekend performed pretty poorly, save Steve Harvey‘s “Think Like a Man.” However, as the barrage of summer flicks starts Thursday evening with “The Avengers,” this isn’t that much of a shocker. 

Jason Statham‘s latest action flick, “Safe” debuted worse than two of his prior films: last year’s “The Mechanic” and “Killer Elite.” John Cusack (“2012”) makes a lackluster return to acting as Edgar Allan Poe. And, “Hunger Games” chomps its way past $600 million globally at the box office. It’s about time.

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