5 Sites That Will Let You Take A Moon Walk From Your Desktop

moon night

The moon continues to fascinate us with its beauty, mystery, and intrigue. The moon has been called our sister planet – and it lights up the sky each night for all of us to see. 

Fortunately, the World Wide Web has several websites dedicated to helping us learn more about and explore the moon. 

Google Moon  

Google offers a photographic map of several regions of the moon with zooming capability.  Google Moon also shows you the locations and provides detailed descriptions of each of the 6 Apollo landings on the moon. The data which Google Moon uses to create the elevation layers comes from the U.S. Geological
Survey. Google moon is of course a free resource and like all Google products, it is fast and user friendly.

Man On The Moon from CBS 

The moon landing was one of man’s most famous accomplishments. On July 21, 1969 an estimated 600 million people around the world watched the Apollo 11 moon landing live on television. CBS has archived the original footage of the Apollo 11 takeoff and the subsequent landing and walking on the moon by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong. The 7 minute and 43 second video takes us back to one of the most memorable times in our nation’s history. 

Moon Phases

Moonphases.info* offers detailed information about the moon and several interesting facts about it. You can see a full moon profile, names and images of the 8 phases of the moon, and full moon dates in the past, present, and future. The site also provides several names for each of the full moons, along with commentary about the latest moon news and discoveries. 

Moon Thumbnails 

NASA has done an amazing job to archive and publish some of the most famous images that were photographed on the Apollo missions. Each photograph is time stamped and they come with a detailed description of the specific image you are viewing.  he image detail also discusses the Central Latitude/Longitude positioning to help explain where the photograph was actually taken. You can also view a high resolution of each image in the jpg format. One of the best photographs you’ll find is the famous image of Buzz Aldrin facing the US flag on the moon.

Space Adventures   

If exploring the moon on your desktop computer isn’t enough to scratch your itch – there are some other exciting and extravagant opportunities. These opportunities are ridiculously expensive but maybe over time cheaper options will present themselves.  Either way, it is fun to learn about the innovation going on with space travel.

Space Adventures is the only company currently providing opportunities for actual private spaceflight and space tourism.  By sending private citizens to space, Space Adventures is able to offer a once in a lifetime experience for individuals. They offer an Orbital spaceflight program allowing you to travel through space at over 17,000 miles per hour. While clients currently fly on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft, Space Adventures has entered into an agreement with Boeing for a new spacecraft expected to be ready by 2015.  A current goal of Space Adventures is to complete a lunar mission offering individuals to chance to witness Earth rise as they emerge from the far side of the moon.  It will be the first ever private expedition to the moon and pricing is forecasted to be around $100 million per seat.  The trip in total will take about 9 days.

* Moonphases.info is owned by ResourceWebs

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