Five Things We Learn About Nathan Tinkler From Tonight's TV Documentary

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The ABC’s Four Corners program is airing a profile documentary about tradesman-turned-multi-millionaire Nathan Tinkler tonight.

Tinkler started out as a electrician, working in New South Wales coal mines. And, after a series of risky business deals became — at least at one point — a billionaire.

As Four Corners surmises though — he became a success, but he does not pay his bills on time. And if it were not for his behaviour on his way to the top, he would be more admired.

The show airs tonight at at 8.30pm AEST, but here is a list of five things we didn’t already know about Tinkler, according to The ABC:

1. He uses former Special Air Service soldiers as security

Many ex-employees did not exactly serve out their notice period after Tinkler let them go. In fact, many were “frog marched” out the door by former special forces soldiers.

2. He sends angry text messages and his favourite insult is “F****** deadbeat”

Here’s what one ex-employee told Four Corners that Tinkler wrote when they asked him for a coffee:

No thanks. Ur just another c*** that I give an opportunity to, wasn’t up to it and dogged me everywhere so f*** off. I check the paper for your funeral notice you f**** deadbeat.”

3. He lost his house when he was 28

Tinkler and his wife Rebecca failed to meet the mortgage payments for their home in Singleton in 2004, and a sale was forced by non-bank lender Members Equity.

4. He sent three different people to bid on the same race horse

Known for his extravagant spending on race horses, he is said to have sent three people to bid on the same horse at a thoroughbred auction once.

He lost as much as $80 million trying to play the market

Like or loathe him, Tinkler has made successful business decisions. His luck one the stock market is much worse. He is said to have lost between $70 million and $80 million on BHP and RIO during the GFC.

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