Five Things To Look Out For This Advertising Week

It’s mid-September in New York, and that means the advertising world is gearing up for what may be its largest annual gathering outside of Cannes: Advertising Week. The mere thought of it makes me want to press the old Bar Mitzvah suit, polish the penny loafers and grab my flask of Jack!

Instead of going through what may be your usual boring routine, here are five things to consider as you plan your week:

  • Lock and load your Twitter machine of choice. Download TweetDeck, bookmark Twitter Search or add one of the many Twitter iPhone apps and follow @AdvertisingWeek. Create a saved search for the official hastag, #adwk, and start making contacts to link up with, monitoring trending topics and following all the action.
  • There’s a lot of news to digest, so let aggregators like the IAB Smartbrief, Adrants, SAI and others help you get the most important news first.
  • For veterans: Take a look at the booths, the parties, the swag. Who is spending this year? How does it compare to last?
  • Keep an eye on MediaPost’s Kelly Samardak. The “Just An Online Minute” will be chronicling the week’s social activities, so if an early morning meeting keeps you away from the night’s big event, Kelly will have a recap with pictures delivered to your inbox the next day. And, you know that Kelly has carefully vetted the littany of events and seperated the wheat from the chafe.
  • And for those closet rock stars, I recommend checking out the Youtube Battle of Ad Bands, where bands from various agencies compete against each other in what makes for quite a spectacle.

Rest up this weekend. You’ll need it for next week’s big

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