Five Sydney Private Schoolboys Are Suspended For 'Upskirting' Their Teachers And Putting It On Facebook

This woman is not involved in the investigation. Photo: Atsushi Tomura/ Getty

Police are investigating an incident at St Augustine’s College on Sydney’s northern beaches after five boys filmed up the skirt of their teacher and put it on Facebook.

The police told Business Insider they couldn’t comment on the event, known as “upskirting”, as the investigation was ongoing.

Fairfax Media has been told that the boys had been capturing the images for several months and now have been suspended for what the head of school, Matthew Hutchinson, says was “calculated” behaviour.

St Augustine’s is one of the most prestigious secondary boys schools in the Northern Beaches, providing education for years 5 to 12.

The police spokesperson said while he didn’t have exact figures, there had been number of these events in recent times that had been dealt with by police.

It follows the court case in April which saw Malaysian citizen and IT consultant Royce Tan of Surrey Hills, Sydney, charged for allegedly using his mobile phone camera to take photographs up the skirts of more than 200 women at his church, office and even at his solicitor’s office.

In separate events, a 31-year-old man was charged after allegedly filming up a woman’s skirt in the Perth CBD in May. In March, a South Korean national was detained by security of the Sydney’s QVB for the same offence and another man was also charged in Mt Eliza supermarket in Melbourne in February for the same offence.

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