Five Scenarios For The CM Punk Vs. John Cena MITB Match

The pro wrestling community is buzzing about the different scenarios for CM Punk’s last WWE match. Punk will be challenging John Cena for the WWE title during the final hours of his contract at WWE Money in the Bank 2011. This opens up some very interesting options and I thought it’d be fun to break them down.

Punk vs. Cena at WWE Money in the Bank 2011 was announced on RAW Monday night and the wrestling blogs went wild immediately. Due to Punk’s long history on the independent wrestling scene and Ring of honour, he has developed a very loyal following online. It didn’t take long for those Punk-A-Holics to get drunk on the idea of their favourite wrestling personality headlining the next WWE pay per view.

For those of you that don’t know the story, a few weeks ago stories popped up on the Internet about CM Punk leaving the WWE. Punk’s WWE contract is reportedly up and he is choosing not to re-sign. The WWE and Punk finally acknowledged this on Monday night and are using to add drama to the Money in the Bank main-event.

So with that said I thought it would be fun to sharpen the proverbial WWE creative team pencil and take my hand at booking Punk’s “last match.”

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