Five Plans To Fix Digg -- Vote Here!

Over the first three quarters of 2008, Digg lost $2 million on revenues totaling $6.4 million.

That’s pathetic–because with 30 million monthly uniques and a raft of publishers surviving on its downstream traffic, Digg shows so much promise.

So we  decided to do something about it and announced the Fix Digg’s Miserable Business Contest.

For a prize, we’ll ask Digg CEO Jay Adelson and Digg founder Kevin Rose consider our winner as a candidate for Digg’s vacant VP of US ad sales post. No promises, but we’re pretty sure Jay and Kevin will open our email.

Below are the five entries we’ve chosen as finalists. Click through to read the presentations.  And then vote for the model you think will work best.

  • Sell sponsored posts and actually profit.
  • Frame-the-Internet-like-AOL model.
  • There’s no way an automated site needs 80 employees.
  • “White label” it and find corporate suckers.
  • Copy and paste half-the-article like other sites do.


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