SYDSTART IS UNDERWAY: Here are 5 interesting pitches we've seen so far

More than 30 companies have made pitches to investors in the first sessions of the Sydstart pitching competition.

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The ideas are varied and the companies at different stages – some have revenue, others, funding and partners, while some are just nifty ideas.

Here are some of the most interesting:


Andrea Martins pitching GreenSocks

“The easiest way to get your lawn mowed”

Andrea Martins wants to connect people with overgrown lawns, with part-timers who own a lawn mower.

Essentially, Greensocks is an on-demand business, accessing freelancers through an app.

“We have firemen and policemen who mow for us in their spare time”

The company claims a 75% repeat business rate, and that the average fee generated is $75.


Please leave a message if you want to fund my startup…

“People don’t answer their phones but they do listen to their voicemail!”

Straight2Voicemail is a service that allows marketers to leave a message, rather than cold calling you directly.

The service claims to have already signed up clients in real estate and is already leaving a few thousand voicemails monthly.

The idea is that marketers can sneak past modern screening methods, then follow up leads with more traditional methods, like email.


David Abitol from HomeCamp

“Today there is no premium alternative to go camping”

David Abitol wants to connect people who go camping, with those who have land to spare.

He says there are 10,000 campers wanting a place to stay other than national parks, and up to 34 million camping nights are “up for grabs” in Australia alone.

So far HomeCamp already has a community of 1300, including 250 hosts.

Although, HomeCamp is still only “as legal as Airbnb or Uber”.

The model is proven overseas, with companies like HipCamp in the United States.


Bruce and Caroline pitching SWIPE

“The Youtube of documents”

The team at SWIPE claims half a trillion documents were created last year, but they aren’t readily accessible and are dreadful to view on mobile.

SWIPE is a service that automatically makes documents mobile-friendly on websites, a feat currently accomplished by 35,000 freelancers cutting and pasting documents into html.

The startup claims to have booked $150,000 in revenue in the past year.


Rob and Will of ShippIt

“A better shipping experience”

ShippIt is a service that plugs into the shopping carts of ecommerce websites and organises the most optimal shipping method. They promise a better experience for both the customer and website.

The team claims that 50% of all items shipped in Australia don’t reach the customer first time, and retailers spend an average of 20 minutes trying to resolve complaints.

The ShippIt team won their heat, besting 15 other companies. They have moved on to the next round.

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