There Are Five New Apple Retail Stores Opening On iPhone 5 Launch Week

apple store 5th

Photo: By lynxman on Flickr

With the iPhone 5 hitting stores Friday, Apple has announced five new grand openings for the week, reports Eric Slivka at MacRumors.The stores are in Spain, Germany, France, Italy and California.

The one in Dijon, France is in a particularly wide Apple Store desert. The closest stores are in Lyon and Geneva — about 125 miles away.

The others fill significant gaps too, like the one opening in Bakersfield, California, which has 800,000 people who have to drive 90 minutes away to Santa Clarita.

This also means that there are going to be a bunch of new Apple Store employees who are being thrown right into the feeding frenzy of an iPhone launch week.

We’re sure they won’t be bored.

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