Five Great Apps For Hacked iPhones (AAPL)

Official third-party apps for Apple’s iPhones are coming in June. But you don’t have to wait until then: All you have to do is “jailbreak” your iPhone.

Not that we advise doing this: Using software like iJailbreak or ZiPhone, which lets you install unofficial, third-party apps, could void your warranty and free support from Apple. And any time Apple updates the iPhone’s software — like the iPhone 2.0 update scheduled for June — they could easily “break” the jailbreaking feature (again).

That said, if you are brave enough to hack your phone, there’s some cool stuff available for your troubles. Many of these should be available in the installer app you get when you jailbreak your phone:

Twinkle: A Twitter app for your iPhone. Much better than the Web interface.

MobileScrobber: Mobile “scrobbing” app. Keep your account updated on the go.

SmartRSS: Clean, simple RSS reader. Nintendo emulator. Play Mario and other Nintendo games on the iPhone. (Touchscreen controls are not the best.)

Crosswalk: Finds the cross-street for any address in New York City. Includes a handy, zoomable NYC subway map.

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