Five Good Reads: Some Great Sportswriting You Might Have Missed

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Every day we run across a lot of good links that we just don’t have time to break down, analyse, or otherwise write about.But that shouldn’t stop you from taking some time to print them out for the train ride home, some dinnertime reading, or a bedtime snack.

So we’re making an effort to highlight the best long-ish articles you should take the time to investigate, with our new feature, Five Good Reads:

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Joe Posanski on The Masters locker room controversy (and internet comments):

But I was really curious and I am really curious: What is it that drives people to be so angry? Maybe it’s just the fog of the times. Maybe, in the end, we all just want to be heard.

Bill Simmons on Tiger Woods:

My son wanted to see Tiger make that putt again. So did I, actually. AGAIN! We watched it a second time. When Tiger pumped his fist, my son turned to me and laughed.

Financial Times profiles ESPN’s George Bodenheimer:

“I was standing and he was sitting and I don’t think he looked up at me once,” says Mr Bodenheimer. “He said I was qualified to be a driver. So I began delivering the mail and working in the mailroom.”

It was the perfect apprenticeship. “I got to meet everybody,” he says.

TrueHoop’s Henry Abbott on dumb decisions in sports:

Doing things his way, [Shaquille] O’Neal — a career 53 per cent free throw shooter — has won four titles.

But at the same time, it’s undeniable that O’Neal could have done more. Four seasons ended with rings, and a dozen seasons ended with playoff losses. And in eight of those 12 years that ended badly, there were games where, if O’Neal had made free throws at a good rate, his team would have lived to fight another day.

Wayne Drash on former CNN anchor Nick Charles, who will soon lose his battle cancer:

This time last year, she looked at him with her big brown eyes and asked: “Are you going to die?”

“Everybody will sometime,” he told her, “but we will always be together. But I’m not going anywhere today. I feel great. Now let’s go out and play.”