Five Cheap, Easy Ways To Create A Beautiful Workplace

Company culture is incredibly important when attracting new recruits and keeping current employees happy.

Most of us spend a big chunk of our life in an office of some sort, so it’s very important to create a visually appealing, comfortable office that can build and influence better company culture.

Working with Australian startup, I know how important it is to use budgets efficiently, so here are some easy, cost-effective ideas that can create a great place to work:

1. Colour therapy

Create colours that inspire, motivate or reflect your brand. You’d be surprised the difference a single feature wall can make.

If you can’t afford to hire painters, get staff to help out and turn it into a company ‘creativity’ day.

You can even paint a wall with chalkboard or whiteboard paint.

Image: The Collective

2. Deck the walls

Have a staff wall, client wall, or inspiration wall, and encourage employers to use it.

You can put up photos of company events, art, posters, and more.

Image: Circular Calendar

3. Get worldly

Include something that reflects the broader vision or scope of your company.

If you work with clients or team members around the world, buy some wall clocks and label them with each office.

It’s old-school but reminds the team and visitors that your vision is big and your reach is on a global scale.


4. Plants

Jazz up your office with some plants and flowers - create fresh air!

Image: Digital Eskimo

5. Lots of Light

Making the office appear as open and fresh as possible is very important.

Bring in some lights, open up the windows and orient desks to work with the sunlight coming through.

Your environment has a big subconscious influence on you and your employees - productivity, creativity, attitude, and comfort.

Make it an expression of your brand, your core values, and motivations behind the work you do. And have fun doing it!


Jo Sabin is the marketing manager at DesignCrowd.

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